Festival Lille Clef de Soleil

Eighteenth edition:

  • Humorous notes

    What mystery can push composers to bathe in a certain joy (apparent ?) After a life of suffering ?
    How can Beethoven write "The Ode to Joy" at the twilight of his life ? And Schubert, at age 31, definitively put the pen after the "false" gaiety of "Pâtre sur le Rocher" ?
    Humor in music has always existed !
    Mozart, supreme rogue knew it well; Just listen to his Quintet for horn and string quartet, composed for his "friend-master-Freemason-Cheese" by Hervé Joulain to be convinced ! Just like his "musical joke" with the "true-false" notes and so much mockery to the little masters of his time ....
    The title of the Hindemith Quartet calls for no comment: "Opening of the Ghost Ship" as performed by a bad spa orchestra at 7 am in sight reading at the village fountain". Of course, there will be no clowns, but the text of Francis Blanche on the "Carnival of Animals" Saint-Saëns, interpreted by Gabriel Tacchino and Emmanuelle Braun will be a nice nod to French humor. ...
    Just like the HUMOR NOTES of the tender "Caresse à ma femme" of Rossini by Jean-Marc Luisada, the magic bayan of Bogdan Nesterenko, the Wedding Cake of Saint-Saëns by Alexander Paley, the Humor Schumann by the young and so talented Simon Ghraichy or the "Carnival of Venice" reviewed by Paganini under the fingers of Gautier Dooghe, the surprise program of the ensemble Polygon of the brilliant horn player Alexandre Collard and the joke of lieder sung by Xénia Ganz ....
    If this 18th season could be a therapy, however small, the bet would be won !
    See you soon !!

    denis Simándy, artistic director

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