Festival Lille Clef de Soleil

Choeur Coeli et Terra

In 1987, Maurice Bourbon founded the Coeli and Terra chamber choir, with the primary goal of restoring French-Flemish polyphony. Over the years has been added the interpretation of other great polyphonic works, then the space and sound experiments.

Since its creation, Coeli and Terra have focused on promoting the fabulous Franco-Flemish heritage of Nord-Pas de Calais. After the first productions (Johannès Ockeghem, Jean Mouton, Pierre Moulu, Lupi, Philippe Rogier, Roland de Lassus, Josquin Desprez), the choir performed Jakob Obrecht (Salve Regina, Salve Sancta facies, Messe Sub tuum presidium, extracts) and Other pieces by Josquin (Gaudeamus Masses and La sol fa mi, Ave maris stella and D’ung aultre bitter, excerpted), opening some of his rehearsals in public workshops.


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