Festival Lille Clef de Soleil

Françoise Masset

Françoise Masset received her musical, vocal and university training at CNR Douai and Paris, at the Baroque Music Center in Versailles and at the Sorbonne. On stage, in concert, and on record, she interprets a diverse repertoire, from Baroque to contemporary (she has created several lyric works including the “Medea” by Michèle Reverdy). Her roles, the shows she has designed and the works she has created, testify to her curiosity and her taste for musical encounters.

The recital (with piano, organ, harp, guitar, theorbo and lute) and chamber music are areas she likes to privilege. The Academy of the lyrical disc awarded to him in 2010 the Orpheus of gold of the best interpreter of melodies for the album “The Composers of Marceline Desbordes-Valmore” recorded with the pianist Nicolas Stavy.

Critic Ivan Alexander hails her as “one of our few, our last tellers, who knows where to place the tonic accent and pathetic accent in Lully’s Isis as in a Kosma song …”


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