Festival Lille Clef de Soleil

Jean-Paul Dessy

Composer, conductor and cellist, Jean-Paul Dessy also holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy and Letters.

He has directed over one hundred and twenty world premieres and recorded more than fifty CDs of contemporary classical music, receiving multiple awards (Le Cloc du Monde de la Musique and Classica, the five stars of BBC Magazine, etc.).

Composer of symphonic music, chamber music and electronic music, he creates that of the opera Kilda, the island of men-birds, which he directs at the opening of the Edinburgh Festival in 2009. His play L ‘ shadow of sound has been awarded the Paul Gilson Prize of the French Language Public Radio. Author of numerous stage music, he writes for Jacques Lasalle, Denis Marleau, Anne-Laure Liégeois, David Géry, Lorent Wanson and Frédéric Dussenne, for choreographers such as Carolyn Carlson, Frédéric Flamand and Nicole Mossoux, for films and fashion shows. stylist Hussein Chalayan or for the Bartabas Sunrise.

The Song of the World / Harmonia Mundi has published two CDs dedicated to his compositions: The Present’s presents and Prophets for solo cello, of which he is also the interpreter.

His universe is linked to his classic career as well as cross roads that he has traveled a lot (rock and electro). Jean-Paul Dessy inscribes his musical research in the field of the sacred: the concert as a liturgy, instrumental practice as a meditation path, composition as a place of prophecy, sound as revelation.