Festival Lille Clef de Soleil

Luc Delozien

Originally from Lens in the Pas-de-Calais, Luc Delozien is very early immersed in the tradition of Wind Orchestras in the Hauts-de-France region.
Graduate of Musicology Conservatory of Arras and holder of the State Diploma of Clarinet Teacher, Luc Delozien transmits his love of music and teaches at the heart of music conservatories of the mining basin Lens-Liévin for twenty years.

From the beginning, he took the direction of a music school where he discovered all facets of music. Attentive, dynamic, whole and especially passionate, these are words that characterize him with his students and colleagues. Luc Delozien is a hard worker. He likes to go ahead and invent new ways to share the pleasure of playing.

His commitment to pedagogy will bring him to the Regional Commission of examinations and the organization of Regional Contests of Brass and Wood that will allow him to highlight young talents!

La musique de chambre prend une place particulière dans son parcours

He founds the Clarinet Quartet “SPDB Quartet” (without tap) with his colleagues clarinettists in 2006. He also develops different sets of variable geometry within the association Musicaplus he created at the same time to promote and defend the wind music (Orchester Consertio, Calamus Reed Orchestra …).

Luc Delozien is passionate about conducting, he is trained in the discipline to go on stage to lead amateur and professional orchestras to defend the repertoire, being convinced of the power of ensemble music in musical development. of a musician. The desire to surpass himself led him to set up large-scale projects.

Since 2011 he directs the Harmony Orchestra of Sainghin-en-Weppes. Luc Delozien has always wanted to bring every musician of this orchestra to give the best of himself with conviction. He also has a strong desire to spread this musical energy to the local population, making it accessible to all.

The place of emotions in instrumental performance is an aspect on which he is very attentive. His passion is primarily based on the desire to flourish and evolve through music.