Festival Lille Clef de Soleil

Elysee Quartet

The Quatuor Elysée was founded in 1995 by former members of two quartets, each of whom won the Grand Prix at the Evian International Competition: the Anton and Ysaye Quartets.
The unique aspect of the Elysee Quartet lies in the confrontation and assimilation of two different schools: the French school and the prestigious Russian school.
These two schools enrich each other and allow a fusion of different ideas, the development of new dimensions in the interpretation of music, and a power of expression of great originality.
The Elysee Quartet has performed in many European countries (England, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal) as well as in Israel, Japan, China, Canada, Nicaragua, Russia … In France, It has been hosted by festivals such as: the Sceaux Orangery Festival, the Périgord Noir Festival, the Fayence String Quartet Festival, the Luberon String Quartet Festival, the Ile de France Festival , the Epau Abbey Festival, the Proquartet Music Season at Fontainebleau, etc.