Festival Lille Clef de Soleil

Bogdan Nesterenko

Born in Ukraine, Bogdan Nesterenko began learning the accordion at the age of seven, and was then taught by masters of the renowned Soviet accordion school (V. Razdovarova, E. Vashchenko, A. Nazarenko). In 1997 he entered the Kharkov Higher Conservatory of Music (Ukraine), where he graduated with advanced accordion, conducting, analysis, writing and chamber music degrees. He also studied piano.

Winner of several International Accordion Competitions, Bogdan Nesterenko has been a soloist at the Kharkov Regional Philharmonic since 2001 and collaborates with various Kharkov and Kiev formations.

Based in Lille since 2006, Bogdan Nesterenko gives a large number of recitals in France and Europe, some of which are entirely dedicated to Baroque music.

He is invited to perform in venues (Le Vivat !, Vichy Opera House, Villa Strauli (Switzerland), Beauvaisis National Theater, Ebersmunster Abbey, ...) and prestigious festivals (Baroque Music Festivals of Strasbourg and Madiran, International Festival of Organ in Flanders, Casella Festival) in Europe, Ukraine or Pakistan ...

He formed a duet with the violinist Stefan Stalanowski (Super Solist of the National Orchestra of Lille). He plays with Micha Tcherkassky (balalaika), duet and with his Baikal Quartet (classical and traditional Russian music).

He plays regularly with Juliette de Massy (soprano). Their recording of Bach's tunes ("Like an air of passion ..." (eds., AR-RE-SE) has received rave reviews, and another noteworthy musical partnership: his collaboration with Marc Hervieux (recorders), including the album "Unusual Dialogue" (RAINBOW CLASSIC) is registered at the end of 2016.

Bogdan Nesterenko multiplies rich and varied musical experiences: with the mezzo-soprano Donatienne Milpied in the show "The Underpaintings of a singer", with the organist Jan Vermeire, with tenor Serguey Stilmachenko, with the Quatuor Annesci or with Alain Raës (piano).

He also performs in contemporary music and participates in the creations of O. Yagoubi ("Concerto of the two worlds" for accordion and symphonic orchestra), M. Bourbon, Ch. Hache and S. Fache (Concerto for accordion and Big band ).

Currently, he prepares, alongside Juliette Massy (voice) and Nina Richardon (actress), a theatrical creation around the works of Piazzolla, Cage, Rachmaninov and Vivaldi. This show will be scheduled in 2017 under the name "Ballade pour un Fou".

Bogdan Nesterenko plays on a "bayan" Russian accordion brand "Jupiter", an instrument that offers, thanks to its rich timbre and its multiple registers, very extensive musical possibilities.