Festival Lille Clef de Soleil

Seventeenth edition:

  • Twilight

    "There are twilights that are more beautiful than aurora," wrote Martin Gray.

    In the "Little Prince" of Saint-Exupéry, we read :
    "In the desert at dusk, we sit on a dune, we see nothing, we hear nothing, and yet, something shines in you".

    And rays, Clef de soleil will offer you beautiful goods this year, whether with the bright concerto for violin Mendelssohn, yet written at the end of his life, the famous sonata "Moonlight" Beethoven, a few "Nocturnes" by Chopin, going through a surprising version of Fauré's "Requiem", or a descent into hell (but a return to Paradise) ....
    You can discover or find this year exceptional musicians: Celine Moinet (Staatskapelle solo oboe of Dresden), pianists Suzanna Bartal, Claire Huangci, Galina Ermakova, John Olaf Laneri, Alexander Paley and the highly anticipated return of Shani Diluka! Not to mention the flutist Patrick Gallois, the titular organist of Saint Sulpice, Sophie-Véronique Cauchefer, the Ludwig quartet, the violist Christophe Desjardin, the tenor Pascal Bourgeois or the violinist Gautier Dooghe ....
    I can promise you without taking too much risk of great evenings in perspective for this 17th season!

    Denis Simándy, artistic director of the Lille Clef de Soleil Festival

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